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 Massages & Stress Workshops

We provide  Stress workshops and  massages at many  businesses, schools, and organizations
to educate and serve the community. See below for details.

Please feel free to contact us today with any questions, click here


There are 2 choices for your business, school, or organization.

1. We go to your facility and do  10 minute massages for you and your staff for several hours depending on our schedule.

2.  We do a  Back to Health Workshop for your staff on ergonomics, improving health, and decreasing daily physical stress.

(Some Companies charge $150-$350 per hour for these events and we work within your budget to educate the community )


Life and work can be stressful.

If you would like to have more relaxation and gain tools to decrease stress in the work place then contact us today!

Americans spend over $50 billion on low back pain related complaints each year. Low back injuries and pain
can interfere with daily activities and reduce productivity. Understanding how to reduce the risk of injury through
implementing safety techniques can help reduce absenteeism at work and increase productivity levels. In this
presentation we focus on helping you understand and avoid low back problems and reduce the pain and expense
of back injuries.

We do book up in advance so please let us know when the best date and time is so we can reserve that for you.

 The feedback we have received on these  programs have been extremely positive.
Here is feedback from a Manager at one of the Centers we visited:

Dr. Weisz,

Personally, I must say that I was thrilled to have You and the Massage Therapist here today!  Also, having worked for Anixter Center for so many years and having presented training on stress management and relaxation here, it was great to see such a great presentation!  I thought that the massage was quite comprehensive, unrushed and effective for the timeframe, especially.  I know that can be challenging, so thank you and please thank everyone  for all that goes in to making that possible! We look forward to having you back in the future.   

Sheryl B. H
Wellness Manager
Community Resources and Support
Anixter Center

 We look forward to hearing from you today. click here

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