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"Dr. Weisz,  I know that I have thanked you in person for all that you have helped me with in improving my health, but I felt though I did not express enough of my gratitude and I wanted to take the time to do that. The accident I had with my ribs put a huge strain on my back, which was already in bad shape from my scoliosis and reversed curve in my neck. After spending almost a year going to tons of doctors and excessive physical therapy and not getting any better, I was really beginning to lose hope that I was never going to be able to get my back into a condition where I could maintain it and not be in pain.  I am so thankful that right when I was ready to really give up and start taking pain killers, I was able to find you.  You immediately gave me hope with your positive attitude and I really felt at ease with how thorough and concerned you were right from the beginning.  It was very difficult for me to be going through all of this alone given that I am at school halfway across the country from my family and I wanted you to know how appreciative I am that I know that you sincerely care about how I am doing.  The way that you have helped me is exactly why I hope to someday be a chiropractor myself

Also I wanted to thank you for the unexpected relief that I have been getting with my acid reflux.  I have not taken my medicine for a month now and I had really anticipated that I was going to have to be on my medicine for the rest of my life.  I am only 21 years old and I was on a really high dosage of medicine to keep me from having to get surgery and it is extremely exciting that I may not have to go down that road.  Once again thank you for all that you have done for me, you will always be in my prayers. 

Daniella D. New Jersey

Your care ethic is extraordinary and makes it so natural and healing to seek, receive and benefit from chiropractic care and massage.                I wholeheartedly recommend anyone even just beginning to question the possibility of such hope to make an appointment and not delay. The care experience and one's own efforts will bring greater wellbeing and will be exceptionally well supported.

Thank you for supporting my efforts to work on my wellbeing and thank you immensely for being there to help fill what seemed to me to be a perhaps seemingly ever growing or far too longtime gap in my care.  It has seemed so natural and right to work with individuals all my life to self-advocate and to strive to help mentor hopes and dreams.  It is sometimes much harder to strive to do the same for myself.
Neck mobility is always so much freer after a visit!
My Metra commuter’s hike was far better/easier after yesterday’s treatment than after the previous one.  My hike to your office yesterday was comfortable at a slightly quicker pace than the time before.
There already seem to be some possible bonus treatment benefits emerging.  My blood pressure seems down a little from recent norms.  My headaches have seemed about equally as often but somewhat diminished in severity and longevity.  Walking seems more comfortable even at a slightly quicker pace, somewhat consistently.  The base of my right hand/wrist area is not quite as painful, possibly because I am not using it so frequently to apply counter pressure to my hip, neck and lower back.
I have walked 26 miles in the past 3 days, relatively briskly, not quite pain free but with no significant repercussions!   It has been wonderful! 
My early progress already seems amazing and I gratefully hope for what future treatments will bring!  Thank you for your wonderful care!Three weeks ago and for 2 months prior, I could not walk half a mile briskly and then make it up a flight of steps without great difficulties.  

Sheryl B. H. Des Plaines, IL

"Dr. Weisz is the most caring doctor I ever had.  I never really felt like any of the other doctors  I went to cared about me as a person, but he really showed that.  

  I remember that a few hours after my first visit, Dr. Weisz called me to see how I was feeling.  That was when I realized that he cared about me as a person and that I wasn't just another patient.  That experience has always stuck with me, and I always tell people about it every time I talk about Dr. Weisz. I suffered with Neck pain, Mid back pain, Low back pain, pain in both hands, wrist pain, and forearm pain.   All the little things he did made me feel really positive about myself, and I believe that positive thinking accelerated my recovery.  He is the most genuine, sincere, and honest doctor I've ever had.  Even if there was another doctor that knew more about my condition, I'd rather see him because he always made sure I left his office with a smile.

Thank you Dr. Weisz.

Jay P. Chicago, IL

 I have been using Dr. Weisz as my chiropractor for a few months now and couldn't be happier with the service I receive. I started going for neck and lower back pain and my life has almost been pain free since. The office is always pleasant, and the atmosphere there is very serene. They are always flexible with there schedule and are warm and friendly. I was very skeptical about seeing a chiropractor but am glad I decided to go with an open mind. You couldn't find a nicer place to go if you tried.

Debbie R. Chicago, IL

"I had annoying back, neck, and shoulder pain. Everything I did seemed to aggravate the pain, like sitting, driving, sleeping, and it made everyday living a chore. Chiropractic care has provided such a relief, especially with driving and sleeping! Waking up in the morning is now actually tolerable."

Arelis R. Chicago,IL

"My main problem was lower back pain. My muscles were extremely tense and it caused everyday discomfort at work,driving, and during athletic activities. After Chiropractic care I have felt AMAZING! The muscle tenderness decreased quickly, movement became more fluid, and I am now working on building strength through my whole back. YES!...I would recommend another to see Dr. Weisz!!

Lindsey D. Chicago,IL

"My main problem was plantar fasciatus. Every step was painful and I had problems walking. After Chiropractic care I felt Wonderful! Dr. Weisz has a professional approach, is very reassuring, and has an amazing touch. He treats you by first explaining the problem, what approach/treatment he is administering. Frankly, I was cured with the treatment he provided much quicker than I anticipated. Dr. Weisz is a true "cut above". I would absolutely recommend another person to see Dr. Weisz and felt he is the best of the best."

David D. Chicago, IL

"My main problem was a slipped disc between the 3rd and 4th vertebrae and pain between my back and down my left leg. I could not sleep or walk hardly at all. After Chiropractic care, the problem seemed like it never happened. Of course! I would recommend another person to see Dr. Weisz."

Ed. W. Lincolnwood,IL

"My main problem was back pain. I could not bend over or twist, and the pain was affecting my athletic activities and was painful with sitting. After Chiropractic care I have felt much better and have been able to resume normal activity! I would ABSOLUTELY recommend another to see Dr. Weisz!!"

Jordan B . Chicago,IL

"My main problem was constant neck and lower back pain. It affected my everyday life because it was hard for me to work, lift weights, and sometimes even getting up in the morning. Chiropractic care with Dr. Weisz has relieved so much of the tension and pain from my chronic areas. Doing everyday activities have also become a lot easier, which makes for more productive days. I would definitely reccomend one to see Dr. Weisz!"

Scott C. Chicago,IL

"My main problem was with both my wrists, hands and shoulders . My problem affected my lifting, shopping, and cleaning because of the pain and numbness. Sometimes I could not even lift my arms over my head. After Chiropractic care I have not had any numbness and pain in my hands. I have felt great and have much less shoulder pain. I have felt very good overall and am very satisfied with the care. YES, I would recommend another to see Dr. Weisz."

Mary T . Chicago,IL

"My main problem was lower back pain and pain running down my leg . Before care, I had a problem running, moving around, and it made playing softball very difficult. With each Chiropractic treatment, I felt BETTER and BETTER. The difference between how my back felt before an adjustment and after is EXTRAORDINARY. YES of courseI would recommend another to see Dr. Weisz. I feel like I am in really good hands."

Jeff R. Chicago,IL

"My main problem is lower back pain. The pain was so bad that it was to the point where I could not even sit, stand, or walk without discomfort. I would have to set my alarm for the wee hours of the morning to take pain killers just so I would not have to wake up with the pain. I knew I couldn't do that for the rest of my life.

But Dr. Weisz changed everything. I now can go about my normal duties and also my job duties with NO PAIN! Dr. Weisz's care could change a skeptic into a believer! I would reccomend anyone to see him!"

Michelle D. Chicago,IL

"My main problem was with my neck. Before Chiropractic care this problem affected my everday life and every few months I would wake up in the morning and would not be able to move my head. It progressed over a 10 year period to the point where I would be in pain for 3 days or more at a time.. I did not believe in it before going and was scared of the idea but it was GREAT and now I am pain FREE! After experiencing Chiropractic care for myself, I would recommend another person to see Dr. Weisz"

Amy M. Chicago, IL

"I was a nurse for many years and it caused pain and affected my Low Back and legs with all of the standing and lifting I had to do. My back and legs were always sore and stiff, but after coming for treatment I feel much better everytime. The treatment improves my movement and helps a great deal by allowing me to have less pain with sitting and less soreness. I also do my exercises and use my back cushion which helps as well."

Lula B. Chicago,IL

Dr. Weisz,

I want to personally thank both you and Liz for making my daily life more enjoyable. I've been tested and drug through so many experimental treatments and the Doctors still could not put there finger on the originator of my intense migraine situation. I had level 10 migraines up to 3 times a week which ultimately paralyzed me. The past 6 weeks I have been officially pain free. And it didn't take drugs.

Thank you so MUCH!

Julie H.  Chicago, IL



Many celebrities use Chiropractic care as well.

"I've been going to chiropractors for as long as I can remember. It’s as important to my training as practicing my swing."

-Tiger Woods

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